Spotlight - Memorial Day

To fight the good fight.

Memorial Day is the day that people in the United States remember those who have fallen in battle in service to their country. What does it mean to be willing to give one's life in service of something greater than ourselves. Jesus taught that those who are willing to give up their lives in service to God's Kingdom are the ones who really find their lives. What does it mean to engage in spiritual warfare?

Saving Private Ryan [R]  view

Not just a job, not just an adventure. Is it a calling?

Those who know Christ need not fear death. They are called to obey in this life, and to use whatever God has given them to advance the Kingdom. God's calling may be to the professional ministry, or it may be to be a plumber, or a soldier. What is important is to do answer the Call, and execute your... Continue Reading

1 Corinthians 10:31   Psalms 127:1-2  

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug [PG-13]  view

Be in the battle; not on the sidelines.

Life is a battlefield -- it's just that some of us have forgotten, or we have already surrendered. Tauriel explains to Legolas that for those who serve the light, any incursion of darkness is a challenge to which we must rise. That fight -- the fight of good against evil, the fight of the spirit... Continue Reading

Ephesians 6:12   Ephesians 6:13-17  

The Alamo [PG-13]  view

Know your enemy.

This is a brilliant scene of a great man planning a strategy to win. He sees the fierce opponent, desperate to devour his army. So instead of meeting the enemy on unfavorable ground, Houston seems to retreat, but he is actually seeking a solid place from which to achieve victory. The Scriptures... Continue Reading

Psalms 2:1-12   Proverbs 18:10  

Memorial Day - Quotations

Desmond Doss "While everybody is taking life, I'm going to be saving it."
-- Hacksaw Ridge.

Capt. John Miller: "Keep the sand our of your weapons, keep those actions clear. I'll see you on the beach."
-- Saving Private Ryan

Chris Kyle: "Aim small, miss small."
-- American Sniper

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